The American Dream by Glenn Wiggins Hosted by Dropping Juels Production

glenn london American Dram

There has been an obvious absent from myself on False Image for quite some time but I want to thank those who have stayed supporting me in my endeavors. For the last few months I took a 2 month trip to London, England to pursue my dreams into the fashion industry. Ironically, two years ago when False Image was established I use to write about all the great tailor shops in London like Henry Poole & Co. wishing one day I would travel to that great land. This summer many things were greatly accomplished in London stay tuned for more insight into the “Dream”. In the meanwhile on Tuesday, September 6,2013 I will be sharing my experience that I had in London this summer at Alabama A&M University to Department of fashion design and merchandising program. This event will be curated by Jules Pierrot of Dropping Juels Production. It will take place at the Bertha M. Jones Conference Center located on the campus of Alabama A&M campus starting at 5 P.M.This is the first official time I will share my experiences in the worlds largest fashion capital since being back in the United States. Please R.S.V.P. at


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  1. Mari' Scott-Emanuel

    What a great accomplishment!!!!! I actually thought about Glenn every, second, every minute , every hour, every day when he left the United Stated. In order to really appreciate how important it was for me to trust Jesus even in London England. I had to take a closer look at Glenn’s passion and dreams. I had to take a look at the structure of how God had set up the communication between people who were far away.Then I appealed to Glenn to humble himself always and put God first in all that he do ,and he will direct his path, then understand the power, prestige, and even spiritual gifts should never take precedence over unity, and that the most valuable gifts we have is one another and the love that united us to the body of Christ. Christ gave us two essential commandments: love God completely and love each other. It was a request of minds to Glenn that he engage in behaviors that would be genuinely helpful for building relationships while in The United Kingdom and those whom God was trying to reach through him.

    Very Proud of you, love mother

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