My Custom Designed Sweater for Maybach Music Group Artist Stalley

 Just a couple of weeks ago I received the opportunity to design a sweater for Maybach Music Group artist Stalley. Leading up to actually completing the sweater for the heavily rising music artist from Massillon,Ohio their was a great work of research that had to be done. Usually when I design my garments I always think about what the individuals previous clothing selection are to combine that with the vision I may see when designing the sweater. I considered Stalley someone that was well aware about his brands and very in tune to his overall appearance. First, I decided to apply the M letter chenille patch that is on the front of the sweater. The M letter has an ancient writing instrument that is engraved as the M represents his hometown Massillon, Ohio and the writing instruments relates to him being a music artist. Also, on the back of the neckline of the sweater there is a Cleveland Indian Patch which happens to be Stalley`s favorite logo as he is seen often sporting the teams baseball caps. The highlight of the sweater is the right side of the sweater which has the letters of “BCG” which stands for Blue Collar Gang Stalley`s independent music group. This was a great opportunity to continue to expand my networking circle I thank the Stalley and his crew for allowing me the opportunity.

new pic 2

new pic 3

new pic 5

new pic 4

new pic 7


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